How it Works

How it Works


The process starts with picking the raw material (cloth) from the customer. Customers can either visit our shop or call us. The customers can also select clothing material from the range that we have at our shop.


Measurement is the base of the tailored garments. The more properly the measurement is done, the better the cloth will be stitched. Our professional tailors have in-depth knowledge of all concepts of tailoring. They take precise and accurate measurements. All these measurements are noted down.


According to the measurements taken, our tailors start marking the raw cloth. Marking is done carefully because any type of error in this step will make the stitched dress unfit for the user. This makes the marking more accurate.

Cutting & Stitching

The next step after marking is cutting. The tailor cuts the raw cloth as per the measurements marked on it. This step is also done carefully. After all the parts are cut properly, the process of stitching starts. All the accessories like buttons, zippers (if required), etc. are sewed to the cloth in this step.


This is the last step. Though the dress is ready in the previous step, it needs a proper finishing. The stitched cloth has many loose threads visible on stitched parts. All these loose threads are removed by the tailor. This step is called finishing.


After the completion of the entire process, we deliver the tailored dress at the doorstep of the customer.

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